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Internet Safety for Seniors – Woodbridge, VA Patch

It’s not only a problem for kids. Anyone who may not be really internet savvy is at risk.

When we discuss Internet safety we often are focused on kids and teens, but remember that new users of any age could be targets of online scams and…/internet-safety-for-seniors-fb0e6…

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Hacker-proof your computer for online shopping

A few simple tips before your Online Holiday Shipping spree ….

Update anti-virus and anti-spyware software before that shopping spree, and only use a secure wireless connection. It’s not a bad idea to strengthen passwords — make them unique to each site and don’t use anything that can be easily guessed,

Safe Shopping!

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Cybersecurity jobs more varied, numerous than most think …

For those looking for an IT Skill to focus on for future job security … think Cybersecurity!

Ernest McDuffie, who oversees the National Initiative for Cybersecurity , joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to provide an update on how

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Foiling the Plan of a Cyberbully

Cyberbullying is a real problem for our kids. Read this excellent article about how to Foil a bully’s plan by the National Science Foundation

She says it is important to find out from students what types of problems they encounter online and to use their experiences as a mechanism for creating curricula oninternet safety. “I think that it is critical that schools have very clear policies on … 

 National Science Foundation (press release)

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Viruses and Malware: now available for your phone

Now that our phones are more powerful than our computers of a few years ago. It only makes sense hackers would start attacking them. Where there is valuable information to steal, there are hackers. Click on the link below to watch the vidoe report from KYTX Channel 19 in East Texas.

Most never realize their new toys are vulnerable to hackers and malware. “I had never even considered that I might get a virus on my phone,” Massey said. At Best Buy in Tyler, Josh McCullough has to have the answers for phone hungry customers.

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Skype TopUp Payment PayPal Phishing Scam

Another Phishing scam to be aware of. It claims you sent a payment of 69.99 GBP to Skype (TopUp@******.com). If you are like most of us you’ll want to log in to your PayPal account to stop this transaction. Don’t do it. The problem is the link in this email is a fake PayPal site and if you login they’ve got your PayPal userid and password.

Email notifies the recipient that a Skype TopUp payment of 69.99 GBP has been made via his or her PayPal account.…

If you’ve fallen pray to this, all you need to do is change your PayPal password. And check to make sure they haven’t sent any large sums of money to themselves or their cohorts. If they have, you can go to the Resolution Center to file a claim. This also brings to light the reason to not have a lot of money in the Bank Account tied to your PayPal account. If the money isn’t there they can’t grab it and if they use your Cedit Card that is tied to your PayPal account, you can easily do a charge back.

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Is your PC mouse giving you a headache? Fix it Now!

Our Friends at Aritclesbase published a very useful article on cleaning your mouse, if you are using one of the older ball, non-optical mouses.     

“If you work with your PC system, suddenly realize that you move the mouse just to see that nothing is on your computer screen. The move is not a frustrating? You will find that a problem occurs with your PC mouse with some of the adverse times. If you see that is not your PC mouse works, you should understand that the problem with the mouse, the computer or with the operating system to be. If you catch the key of a good PC mouse, …” 

If I were you I would just upgrade to an optical mouse and call it a day. However, if you want to save a few bucks, and who doesn’t these days, click below and read about the whole procedure.

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Duqu, son of Stuxnet, a pre-cursor to another cyber-weapon?

Stuxnet was an extremely sophisticated zero-day exploits. As reported on, Kim Zetter of Wired says, zero-day exploits are extremely rare. When analysing Stuxnet, she said, “Out of more than 12 million pieces of malware that antivirus researchers discover each year, fewer than a dozen use a zero-day exploit.” This is quite literally the secret weapon in a hacker’s arsenal.

This is truely amaxing to me. It’s like the Cyberterrorism we see in the movies.

Phishing scams send out millions of malware-laden messages because it costs nothing and the gullible will still number in the thousands. Somephishing scams are targeted, and security researchers refer to them as spear phishing. Spear phishingattacks 


I believe, as many do, Cyberterrorism will be the primary vehicle of terrorism in the future.

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Cybersecurity Video Report: China and Russia are our ‘most vigorous opponents’

Cyber espionage is growning in the U.S. This report says that it will become the biggest threat to the U.S. Economy in the next several years.

By Allen McDuffee at the Washington Post. Following a report released last week from US intelligence officials on cyber espionage, James Lewis, director of the CSIS Technology and Public Policy Program, says it was a “breakthrough report because it came out and said what

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E-mail Phishing Threat: PayPal Users at Risk

I love shopping online. To shop safe this Holiday online, remember PayPal will not ask for your userid and password in an email …. ever. Don’t fall for these phising scams. A good way to tell that an email is not an official PayPal communication is to look at the return email address. It may have paypal in the domain name but it will not be it will be something like or something else like that.

In a new e-mail phishing campaign, Sophos security firm identified PayPal’s at major risk, as reported by softpedia on November 7, 2011. The enticing fake message of the phishing e-mail accustoms its victims about the detection of a hack in the PayPal

These phising scams are getting much more sophisticated. The best thing to do is when in doubt don’t do it.

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