Our Rate Structure is simple and reasonable. The bottom-line is we are not going to charge you anything if we can’t fix your computer. Now that’s a better deal than any Auto Service Shop or even the Doctor! We believe in doing right by our customers – honest pay for honest work.

No Risk Guarantee

If we can’t fix it – No Charge! And we’ll suggest where you can take it in your area to get a 2nd opinion.


Remote Login using LogMeIn

  • $80 per hour, 15 min minimum

Onsite Home or Office Service Calls

  • $80 1st hour minimum
  • $20 per each additional 15 min period


We Can Do just about anything. If you don’t see it below, Just ask us

Most Commonly Ordered Services for PCs and Macs

Complete Tune-Up & Virus/Malware Sweep (150-225)- Want your computer running like New again? Windows PCs & Macs, much like a car’s engine, get gunked up severely affecting performance and need to be cleaned out. Our Tune-Up is extensive, we perform 38 different scans and repairs. We’ll scan and repair your computer in the following areas: malware (spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, ransomware, keyloggers, dialers, malicious BHOs, rogue security software, backdoor trojans and other malicious program), Windows Registry errors, Install Windows Updates, fix broken shortcuts, privacy exposures, junk files, system vulnerabilities, disk errors and fragmented disk space. We fix Windows Errors caused by Windows and caused by Malware. We scan and update all your Device Drivers. We’ll check your computers temperature to make sure it’s not overheating. We’ll tune your start-up, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. When we’re done, your PC will be running smooth and fast again.  For Desktops we open up your case, make sure all your hardware is seated properly and blowout the dust bunnies. For Laptops we blow the dust out of your fan and heat-sink to keep if from overheating, which is typical of older laptops and notebooks.

Serious Virus Eradication (100-250) – Is your computer acting like the Devil and needs an exorcism? Could be a Malware (spyware, adware, viruses, trojan horses, worms and rootkits). Let us handle it. We’ll attack the Malware and get rid of it. We’ll also upgrade your PC’s Security to prevent future attacks.

Systerm Setup & Migration (150-250) – Buy an new computer? Need to migrate your files and software from your old computer? Let us handle it.

System Recovery (125-250) – System won’t boot? Permanent Blue Screen? We can more than likely recover it from whatever caused the problem. Be it a virus, system error, hardware error or software/hardware incompatibility.

Complete System Rebuild (150-250) – Is your PC so messed up with unnecessary software and settings or has crashed and cannot be repaired. We can refresh it with a complete system rebuild. If you don’t the Windows Installation Discs, no problem we have many of them and can load them up and activate them using the license key on your computer. We will also load the most up-to-date drivers and system software and the hundreds of Windows Updates that are necessary, including complete Service Packs. We will completely rebuild your system and make sure it current and running prefectly and we will do a simple Tune-Up to boot. Your PC will be better than new.

Data Recovery (150-350) – If your computer has crashed or your hard-drive has given out. We can handle recovering your all important photos, video and data. Ask us for an estimate.

Upgrades (50-225) – Buy more memory? Need advice on what memory to buy? New Video or Sound Card? Let us handle it. We can take care of your new hardware and software upgrades.

Social Media Setup & Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – If all this buzz about Social Media has you wondering, but you don’t know where to get started. Let us handle it for personal or business accounts. Social Media is here to stay, now is a good time to get started.

Websites – Design, Hosting, SEO, E-Commerce, Blog, Video, Email, Webmaster, Maintenance – We can handle everything to do with your website. Design to Hosting to acting as your Webmaster. Contact us for an estimate. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable. Contact us for custom estimates.

Other Services

  • High-Performance PC Builds – Request a Quote – Need a High-Performance PC for gaming, but can’t afford Alienware, contact us. We can build to your specs for less.
  • Networking – Do you have more than one computer, printer, scanner and storage device? Want them all to talk to each other so you can share files, printers, scanners and storage? Let us handle it.
  • WiFi Networking – Do you have computers all over the house that you want connected? Want to connect anywhere in your house with your laptop or smartphone? Or do you have computers that are hundreds of yards or even a few miles apart in different buildings on your property? We can handle the WiFi network to connect it all. We’ve done it all. We’ve WiFi’ed houses, multiple buildings, whole ranches and even the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Horse Shows and Race Tracks. We can handle your WiFi needs.
  • Internet Setup & Troubleshooting – Having trouble setting up or troubleshooting the Internet modem from the local phone, cable or satellite Internet provider? Let us help you get back online.
  • Email Setup – Problems setting up email on your laptop, notebook, desktop, tablet or smart-phone? Let us take care of it.
  • Windows & Application Installs – Need to install a new version of Windows or one of your prized applications? Let us do it for you.
  • Windows & PC Maintenance – Performing Windows, application and other PC maintenance on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to safeguard your privacy and keep your computer humming along smoothly. Let us perform preventive maintenance on your computer on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. The same as you do for your car.
  • Hardware Installs – Did you just buy a new cool piece of hardware, but the installation process has you scratching your head? We can do it and make sure your hardware has the most recent firmware and software to perform at its best on your computer.
  • Data Transfer – Did you buy a new computer and need to get all your data and applications transferred over from your old computer? We can handle it.
  • Data Backup and Off-site Storage – If you’re not backing up your important photos, video and data. You should be. It only takes one complete unrecoverable hard-drive failure to learn that lesson. Don’t wait until then. Please backup your computer on a weekly if not daily basis. If you need help? Let us do it. We can set up an automatic backup plan for your computer and even rotate data off-site to a Safe Deposit Box for an extra level of safety. God forbid you have a burglary or house fire.
  • Smart-phone Setup – Just buy the coolest smart-phone available? Having trouble connecting it to your email, Internet, etc… We can take this burden off your shoulders.
  • Solution Architecture – Let us design and build your system from the ground up. From small to large … doesn’t matter.
  • And Much More – If you don’t see what you need done listed here. Contact us. Chances are we know how to do it or we know someone who does.