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HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop Overheating Fix

I recently had to fix a customers HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop that was overheating and shutting down. Eventually these crashes will ruin your hard drive and who knows what else. These laptops are notorious for this. HP failed in the design by not providing enough cooling with the heat-sink and fan to handle the fast processor when running close to 100% generating a ton of heat. The Internet is a gift! You can find fixes for just about everything. Here are the 2 steps I found and I would take.

Step 1 (Easy) – Tune the power options to throttle the CPU slightly to keep it from overheating. This Video is perfect. Also, the notes below the video are the details of the setting changes you need to make. This will take you like 5 minutes. I ran a load test and before the change when I ran the laptop at 100% CPU it shutdown within 2 minutes. With this change it did not shutdown. VIDEO: HP DV6 Overheating [Solved] YouTube Video by Charlie Mac

Step 2 (more difficult) – The second step to take if the 1st step did not work is to pull the laptop apart and re-seat the Heat-sink on the CPU and GPU with new Thermal Grease. This is a bit tedious and will take you a couple hours or longer if you have never taken your laptop apart. If you are not comfortable doing this I will be glad to help you. Contact Joe

VIDEO: HP DV6 Overheating Laptop Repair YouTube Video by jgcertified

Buy Thermal Grease on eBay: Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone fr CPU Heat Sink