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This video is right on, it is pretty easy to get a virus if you download and open “FREE STUFF”, from a website that you are not sure about. I think you can even get a virus from clicking on an Ad on a reputable site like Facebook or Google. They police their Ads, but they may miss one. I have especially seen it with Ads on Free Software sites and new sites.

A simple way that I check out a site is to us Alexa Traffic Rank extension in my Chrome browser. It gives you the World and US Ranking and how many sites are linked in. I figure if it has a pretty good ranking and uite a few sites linking in then it should be OK. However, if I download a piece of software I still scan it with Malwarebytes or Microsoft Security Essentials before I open it. Anyway Enjoy the Video … Joe

Everyone knows how not to down load a Virus onto their computer..I hope….but what if you don’t know your downloading a Virus? This is a short video to help

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1 in 5 Employees Will Open Suspicious Email and Fail to Notify IT …

While only better education may prevent employees from falling prey to a phishing attempt, real-time monitoring capabilities built into Courion’s provisioning and

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Indian Microsoft Computer Virus Scam – 441138680309

The phishing scams come by phone too. It happened to a friend of mine. He had a new computer, but had been on vacation a couple weeks. They got a call from “Microsoft” saying they had a problem with there computer. (Microsoft is never going to call you and say this) My friend let them remote login to his computer and they went to the Event Viewer to see if there are any errors. I’m afraid there are always errors in the Event Viewer on a Windows PC. If a program times-out waiting for a response from another program or something it will generate an error in the Event Viewer. Anyway, they asked for $250 to fix the viruses and errors

Read below the 800notes Forum entry about a recent phone phishing scam from the UK …..

Got a call from this number: 441138680309 , which showed up as 4-113-868-0309 on my telephone. I found out later that the country code is +44 which is for the

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