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PC Matic and MyCleanPC … Just Say NO!

I can’t stand it, I’m sitting in my shop spending hours cleaning up computers and these commercials keep playing over and over and are such malarkey! One thing for sure, they have a BIG budget for commercials! I’ve never heard anything good about any of these types of services. It takes me hours to Clean-up a PC, especially those that have nasty Root-kit, Trojan and Backdoor viruses. Don’t waste your money on these automated “one button” tune-ups. Instead pay your favorite computer guy to do it. We computer guys run multiple Virus and Mal-ware scans and many other utilities and do eyeball checks of logs and whats running on your computer and much more. No one scan can catch all Mal-ware and viruses or fix everything that is wrong with your computer.

OK, I feel better now 🙂

One day I’m going to test these two and post a full report.