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Scam Alert – Your Computer Probably Isn’t Infected

I’ve also seen this as a pop-up and if you click on it either infects your computer with a virus or it claims that you have a virus and you need to pay $$$ to have them clean it up.

I was intrigued and was told my home computer was infected by a computer virus and my Internet Service Provider (ISP) had reported the problem. The caller told me they were working with Microsoft to help fix my system. To anyone who receives a phone

Ths is a good scam. How many people do you know that look at the Event Viewer on their computer? I do because it’s my job and I have never seen it completely devoid of Error Messages. You get an error message if a program times-out waiting for response from another program. It happens all the time.

Be Safe Out There!


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Mac Targeted by Flashback Trojan

SMac … A Fruit Attack … Apple gets targeted by a virus … Check to See you have it … Read on

I was always told from my Apple Mac friends, that a Mac could rarely get a computer virus. In reality, the majority of technologies can be targeted for computer viruses. Macs can in fact get a computer virus, but the chances of this happening is far

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