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Malware Madness: Stuxnet torches Christmas Tree; Melissa surprises

Pretty Funny. Quick make your picks! We have March Madness and now Malware Madness! Something tells me it won’t be as big a deal. Besides if your computer gets infected by any of these Malware, it’s no laughing matter!

By GCN Staff We’re only a quarter of the way through the first round, and Malware Madness has had its first upset — albeit a narrow one. In voting by GCN readers asked to choose the greater of two evils among famous malware programs, the 9th-seeded

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Internet Safety Tips for New Video Game Consoles | Home Security …

If your kids want the new Play Station Vita they will be GPS trackable by anyone including a pediphile via the Sony Social Networking App Near. We should be concerned and aware … Pleae Read On …

Find important internet safety tips for children when using the new video game consoles and read all about the concerning capabilities of the video game…/internet-safety-tips-for-new-…

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Malware here, there and everywhere!

I’ve been running into a lot of computers with varying degrees of Malware (term for anything malicious such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, most rootkits, and other malicious programs). It manifests in all kinds of ways from bogus disk drive definitions, hidden program groups and files, printers not working to general crashing. 
I strongly suggest that you all install Malwarebytes and run it. Here’s a link to the Free version. Just make sure you don’t select the Trial or Pay version.;1
Also, if you want a great free Anti-Virus. Avira, avast! and Microsoft Security Essentials are pretty darn good. 
Happy & Safe computing!

A computer virus is the only threat in this email

Scammers are trying to infect businesses with a computer virus by scaring them into responding to a fake email from Uncle Sam. The email is made to look as if it came from the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But the bureau didn’t send it.

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