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My Computer Guy Joe | Computer Repair & Services | Monument, CO

Review Date:May 07, 2015

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Professionalism A
Company Name: My Computer Guy Joe
Category: Computer Repair & Services
Services Performed: Yes
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Work Completed Date: April 29, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $99.00
Home Build Year: 2007
Description Of Work:
My husband and I own a concrete business and run the office out of our home – it seems like we have some type of on-going computer issues all the time.  I compiled a list of my most annoying computer problems that I wanted Joe to get resolved during the two hour appointment.
Member Comments:
It went GREAT!  We started with the most critical (and annoying)  items on my list and Joe was able to fix my problems quite easily, with no problem.  I was quite impressed by his computer knowledge and the short time it took to fix my problems.  I have had a few other so-called “computer experts” and computer repair companies come to my office prior to Joe and they were unable to fix my issues, and even though they could not figure out or fix the problems, they STILL charged me their ridiculous hourly rates!  The other “experts” and  companies all seemed to do more talking, chit-chatting and checking out my computer rather than focus on trying to get the issues resolved, which has always annoyed me!
When I first picked up one of Joe’s business cards, I liked what I saw.  Joe’s motto on his card says…”If we can’t fix it – NO CHARGE”  which I really liked and was the reason I called him in the first place, after the bad experiences with the other computer repair people/companies I used.  He told me about his No Charge policy the very first time I spoke to him on the phone a couple months ago.  I was having an issue with my printer settings, and I had assumed it would be an easy fix for someone with computer skills, and he was able to tell me just over the phone in a couple minutes how to fix my printer settings – those few minutes on the phone with Joe, saved my sanity!  I told him right then how appreciative I was of his help over the phone and that I would definitely be calling him back in the coming months for additional computer work in my home office.
Being a business owner myself, I appreciate his knowledge, honesty, integrity and fair prices – these qualities seem rather hard to find these days!  With the extensive list of issues I have, I am scheduling a couple hours each week with Joe until all of my computer problems have been resolved and my sanity restored 🙂 Thanks Joe, you are “My NEW Computer Guy”!
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Rich Dupre 5stars2

I highly recommend Joe for any type of computer service and repair. He is very knowledgeable about most types of hardware or software issues and goes out of his way to resolve problems in a timely manner – at a very affordable price.

J Short 5stars2

Joe was very prompt in his e-mail replies inquiring about a personal laptop repair. Very professional and easy to work with. Good values, does not charge you if he cannot fix your problem, I would recommend him for any computer repair or IT need.

A Google User 5stars2

Joe Morgan is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I am a small business owner with 4 locations in Colorado Springs. He has repaired all of our issues from small things such a computer cleanup to network and server issues. He goes above and beyond and is always responsive. I would recommend him to an individual and small businesses!

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