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‘Ransomware’ locks up computers

This Ransomware seems to be pretty prevalent. Be careful what you click on. Avoid the urge to click 🙂 on pop-ups, instant messages or social media messages from people you don’t know. Keep your Windows maintenance up-to-date and make sure you have a good Anti-Virus. As I said before, there’s no need to pay for an Anti-Virus. Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent FREE Anti-virus and best of all its Anti-Annoying, unlike the major Pay-for-annoyance brands. 

Practice Safe Computing!


A tricky new computer virus is making the rounds. Infected users see pop-up messages that claim to be from the FBI and threaten people with a fine or prison unless they pay up. The virus, meanwhile, locks up the computer, holding it and the user

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New M86 Security Labs Report Reveals Spread of Malware Growing via Social …

Investigating the Web and email threat trends in the second half of 2011 for its bi-annual report, M86 Security Labs analyzed spam and malware activity, including the current use of exploit kits, fraudulent digital certificates and social networking

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