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How to Create an Install/Repair Disc or USB Flash Drive for Windows 10

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and then something happens and your PC won’t boot and Startup Repair does not work, which it rarely does. Then you need to create a Windows 10 Install Disc or USB Flash Drive to boot from and repair your Windows 10 Installation.

Microsoft has done a good thing here. They’ve created a Media Creation Tool to create an Install/Repair Disc or USB Flash Drive for Windows 10.

Go to this link and Scroll Down to the Download Tool button and click it

This will walk you though creating Install Media for your Computer.

Nice Tool to have!

Thanks – Joe

Back it up! Please!

Usually I can recover data from a dieing hard drive, but sometimes it dies so quickly your data is just gone! So please back up you PC. I had a business client who had his whole business on his laptop and one day the hard drive crashes and everything was gone. He had to go to great lengths and expense to recreate his business docs because he did not have a recent backup.

There are Data Recovery companies, but it can cost 1,500 or more to recover your data. Most people don’t value their data that much

You can backup to an external hard drive (they all come with backup software) or you can use a service like Carbonite. I use Carbonite because it is really inexpensive, less than $60 per year. I like it because it is automatic and my data is saved offsite in the cloud. Very easy to recover a single document if you need to.

Oh, and Raid Mirroring is not a backup. Sure it is very dependable, but if you delete a file it is gone on both drives. You still need to backup a Raid drive. Raid is primarily meant to protect you from drive failures and the immediate lose of data.




Joe’s Magnificent Mind-Blowing PC Tune-Up & Malware Removal Tools & Tips CD V1

Joe’s Magnificent Mind-Blowing PC Tune-Up & Malware Removal Tools & Tips CD V1

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I’ve been Tuning PCs and Eradicating Viruses & Malware (Spyware, Adware, etc) for years! Over this time I have accumulated an Awesome list of Tools, Processes and Tips to Clean-up heavily infected hardly running Windows PCs and Laptops. I know that what I do, which takes many hours, blows away what any large geek or office supply store or prepackaged software can possibly do. In fact, I know some local Geeks that charge $330 bucks to do a subset of what I have included in this CD.
I Guarantee that this CD will Not Suck or your Money Back! 
Want your computer running like New again? Windows PCs, much like a car’s engine, get gunked up severely affecting performance and need to be cleaned out. Our Tune-Up and Malware Removal is extensive. It will scan and repair your computer in the following areas and more: malware (spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, ransomware, keyloggers, dialers, malicious BHOs, rogue security software, backdoor trojans and other malicious program), Windows Registry errors, fix broken shortcuts, privacy exposures, junk files, system vulnerabilities, disk errors and fragmented disk space. It will install the latest Windows Updates, fix Windows Errors caused by normal operation and by Malware. This process will scan and update all your Device Drivers. It’ll check your computers temperature to make sure it’s not overheating. It will tune your start-up, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. When you’re done, your PC will be running smooth and fast again probably better than NEW!

$100 Business IT Support Plan Gift Certificate

We are offering a $100 Gift Certificate to use towards or Business IT Support Plan. No long-term contract. Free Consultation. Why not Give Us a Try?

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Lego computer virus (Entry to Legoaero777’s contest) – YouTube

Don’t Let this happen to you! 🙂This is a guy when is having problems with his computer, which finally is thrown away. I Hope you

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Beware of Bogus Scam Phone Calls from someone claiming to be “Microsoft”

A customer of mine fell pray to a phone call from someone claiming to be “Microsoft”. The guy said that there was a number of programs not running on his computer and that he would have to remote in to fix it and, oh by the way, it will cost $200 bucks. The guy remoted in and showed my customers a list of services that are not running, which is totally normal in Windows and charged my customer the $200 to supposedly fix it. 

Days later, My customer did get help from Microsoft and they called the number associated with the charge on his credit card. The guy on the phone said they didn’t know anything about it??? But would refund the charge within 24 hours. My customer cancelled the credit card anyway. The “real” Microsoft guy helped my customer scan his computer for Malware and only found some Adware and tracking cookies. So, we believe the scam was really just the money and not any siginficant Malware placed on his computer. 

Bottome line: Microsoft, Dell or whoever are not monitoring your computer for errors or programs and services running and they will never call you claiming such. I wish my customer would have called me first so he could have skipped this hassle, but he is safe now and that’s the most important thing. 

Safe computing,


We Recommend Free Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

Don’t pay for an Antivirus product. A number of the Pay ones impact your system as if they WERE the Virus! You must ask yourself, “So, I paid for this hassle?!” Simply download FREE Microsoft Security Essentials and be done with it.

The anti-annoying, anti-expensive, anti-virus program

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Fix it, don’t buy new!

People ask me all the time “why don’t I just buy a new computer, shoot I can get one for $300?” We’ll here’s my advice, unless your old computer is ancient (on life support) or broken … Fix it and at least upgrade your Memory. How many hours do you have in customizing and installing applications? I would guess many hours if not days. It’s not like buying a new car, with a car transfer the child seat and empty out your glove compartment and trunk and your done! With a customized computer, it’s much more involved. We can Tune-up your computer and double your memory at a very reasonable price and your old computer will be running like new! Don’t “cash-for-clunker-it“, fix it!

Don’t think you Need a Website?

Think again. Used to be people would check the phone book to see if you were a “real” business. Now they check your website. The phone book is going away. I personally never pick it up. It goes from being delivered to being recycled. I always Google what I need in my area. If you don’t have a website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) no one is going to find you.

Let us at My Computer Guy Joe set you up with a simple website that clearly states what business you’re in and is SEO optimized so your customers will find you in Google.

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