LightEater Malware Virus Attacks: Exposes Units with Unpatched BIOS

Update your Bios, Now. After my original post I figured I should add some instructions

And here’s how. To easily check what bios version you’re at I recommend running Belarc Advisor. Download Here This is a wonderful free personal inventory tool that will give you everything you didn’t want to know about your computer. It also reads the license keys of your software like Windows and Office. This is handy if you need to reinstall and you don’t know your license key. After you run Belarc Advisor and find out Bios level your at. Go to Dell Support or HP Support etc and see if there are any updates to your Bios for your PC. You will probably need your Serial, Model or Dell Service Tag (all discovered in Belarc Advisor). Download the Bios Update, make sure your computer is plugged in, because this is not a good time to lose power in the middle of a Bios Firmware update.

If you have any questions, ask


At a security conference CanSecWest, a presentation entitled “How many million BIOSes would you like to infect?” by security researchers Coreyᅠ…

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