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Windows PCs, Notebooks, Tablets & Servers
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If it’s got a chip, we can fix it!

Fix it, don’t buy new!

People ask me all the time “why don’t I just buy a new computer, shoot I can get one for $300-400?” We’ll here’s my advice, unless your old computer is ancient (on life support) or broken … Fix it and at least upgrade your Memory. How many hours do you have in customizing and installing applications? I would guess many hours if not days. It’s not like buying a new car, with a car transfer the child seat and empty out your glove compartment and trunk and your done! With a customized computer, it’s much more involved. We can Tune-up your computer and double your memory at a very reasonable price and your old computer will be running like new! Don’t “cash-for-clunker-it“, fix it!

We offer fast, friendly and affordable on-site computer services to homes and small businesses along the Front Range from Denver to Colorado Springs to Pueblo. We approach our work very much like a Doctor. We will not let our patient leave the hospital until we can give it a Clean Bill of Health! People have personal memories and other important information on their PCs. We take this very seriously. We won’t charge a trip fee and we Guarantee that we will fix your computer or you pay nothing!

We can handle just about anything when it comes to computers, networks and technology or we know a someone who can. For Example we can do anything in the areas of computer security, virus removal, spyware removal, computer repair, computer services, data recovery, troubleshooting, technical support, upgrades and WiFi networking. Checkout our Services page for a complete list. Our No Trip Charge Service Area includes all areas along the Front Range from Castle Rock to Elizabeth to Calhan to Colorado Springs.

Please take a look around our site and let us know if you have any questions.

Happy and Safe Computing!